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Could we get your help?

Would you please consider making a
Video Testimonial about your experience with
Reus Audio Systems?



Share your story to help
other people understand

Would it have been helpful for you, if others had shared their stories?

What better way to help others learn about how your Reus Audio System has impacted your drive.

Tell us a story that would help others grasp the impact your Reus Audio System has had on you.

Just a short video with your cell phone, your car, and your smile will help us spread the word about Reus Audio.

(video max size 300MB, less than 60 seconds)

Here are some questions that may help get you started

Have you upgraded any previous vehicles with custom audio systems?

Why are you looking for car audio upgrades?

Did you talk to other car audio shops about upgrading?

How did you hear about Reus Audio Systems and why did you to choose us?

Describe your car audio listening experience before and after Reus upgraded your audio?

What is different about having a Reus Audio System?

What was your purchase experience like with Reus Systems?

Thank you for taking your time to help us get the word out!

Click the image below to upload your video testimonial

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