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What We Do

Our installations are spectacular in their elegance and simplicity. Every Reus designed system from the "entry level" speaker system to the industry defining "SOTA" system share the same integrity of engineering.



For many people, music is very personal. Our interview process guides our clients to the correct Stage of Reus Audio System. Based on the client's music library, there are many times when a higher priced upgrade is not the best choice and a more economical solution may allow a better overall experience.

Reus designed systems are vehicle specific. Your car is not an experiment. We design and engi­neer our own speakers and where a correct aftermarket amplifier is not suitable, we build one to spec. Fashion and gimmicks are discarded and only meaningful technology is employed. Reus Systems blueprints to a specific sound and not to hype. Marketing companies often lead one to believe more speakers are better, when in fact, fewer correctly engineered speakers will usually be more revealing. The goal is to achieve the highest musical payback per dollar invested and not the highest amount of amplifiers and speakers because they may look cool.


Reus Systems has years of experience refining its designs to OEM specification where com­ponents integrate seamlessly within the vehicle. Every part is machined to spec and fits in the ve­hicle as if the manufacturer designed it. The fit and finish of even the most basic bracket is refined and complete. The only time a Reus installation is noticed is when the system is turned on.


Since Reus Systems has been bred with the OEM mentality, our systems have been among the most reliable in the industry. This allows for war­ranty and service that are benchmark in the 12volt industry. We still warrant, service and upgrade Nakamichi and McIntosh based systems that were installed 25 years ago.


The Reus database is extensive throughout North America numbering in the thousands. We do not differentiate in our level of service. The integrity focused on every "Entry Level" system is equal to each custom "SOTA" system.


Because we install as many systems throughout the country as performed in California, we understand the demands and time constraints one must deal with while having their vehicle worked on. If one is ordering a new car and wishes to have the system in­stalled before they take delivery, we will make every effort to arrange it. System transfers upon lease terminations are timely.


If a special "one-off" personalized statement system is requested which requires precision machining of parts, we will arrange to have your vehicle shipped to our facility from anywhere in North America. 


We are not in the business of selling "parts", we sell "sound".

Many large car audio manufacturers have independent dealers representing their prod­ucts and usually have no control over the skill level of the in­stallations. Many car audio dealers are limited to mainstream aftermarket products and focus on selling more parts to enhance their profitability.


All Reus Systems installers are trained in every area of craftsmanship and are adept at designing, building, installing, and tuning Reus Audio Systems. All of our installations incorporate Reus designed speakers and many utilize Reus built amplifiers. We oversee the entire process from conception and design to installation and follow-up service. There is no part of the process that is overlooked. Therefore Reus Systems constantly evaluates, from a product standpoint, the strengths and weak­nesses of most of the major mobile audio companies and is very selective about which non-Reus engineered components are integrated into vari­ous system designs.


Historically, elite brands like Concord, Audiomobile, Linear Power, Nakamichi, Sony, McIntosh and Eclipse are just a few of the names that have been synonymous with and instrumental in the growth of Reus Systems. These companies have shared a common thread where they created select products that clearly performed among the elite... fitting nicely in selected installation schemes.


Today Reus works with "Tier One" ISO rated manufacturers who understand the value of "build integrity" with strict tolerances rather than the super scalable "minimum build cost" mentality. 

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