What our clients have to say about their Reus Audio Systems

  • Edward Y.

    Costa Mesa, CA


    I have installed 8 or 9 Reus systems over the last 5 years and am very happy. The resulting sound experience is very impressive and the cleanliness of their install is second to none. The team really knows what they are doing and are experts in their field. Clarity, sound stage, precision, warmth, immersiveness etc. The donor foundation car definitely makes a difference, so I would always ask them first about expected results to manage expectations on how the car will turn out. Don't let the understated offices fool you, the proof is in the listening!

  • Gil T.

    Los Angeles, CA


    Wow wow wow! I first met Rick at the car show a few years back and have always wanted one of his systems. When I got my Escalade I knew that now was the time to get it. I got the Reus SST Stage 2.5 system. I like a lot of bass and his system gives me not only symphony type sound but when I want to push my bass it fulfills my ever desire. The system is so crisp and clear it gives me goosebumps! I cannot be more pleased. This is only the second review I have ever made, but I’m so impressed by his system and the terrific customer service that I felt the need to write a review. In addition, the lifetime guarantee is another reason to consider going with Reus Systems. Rick's last name is Reus which sounds like Royce so I now call him Rick Rolls Royce because I feel like I’m in one when I ride in my car. My fireman friends now want his system. Thank you Rick!

    A satisfied customer.

  • Bill P.

    South Amboy, NJ


    I've had my Reus system for 2 yrs now. Spend a lot of time in my car (56K) so the stereo is very important to me. After installing my system Cliff was again in my area a year later. He came out at no charge & tweaked the crossovers. Improved the immersion quality I was looking for. Asked about the recent upgrades to the codecs. He was familiar with it. Said it didn't affect his configuration. Have no hesitation recommending their system

  • Brian D.

    Los Angeles, CA


    As a lifelong lover of great audio, especially in the car, I have had two Reus installations over the years, both of which were miles beyond any system I’ve heard in any car. Not hyperbole at all: I still have the original car from my first installation in 1998, and the stereo is the best part. Though it is a great car with a convertible top, I never put the top down any more, preferring to keep the roof up, turn up the volume, and enjoy my Reus audio system. The sun is awesome – but the sound is even better. Throughout my two decades of ownership, Rick and Cliff and the Reus team have always provided customer service that is the model for others. This explains why I can still have a system that is 20 years old and have not once entertained the thought of going elsewhere. I’ve had the privilege of Rick giving me personal demonstrations of the difference between his equipment and others. That difference is clear in both the workshop and in the car. On top of that, the Reus team is not just the best sound provider out there – they are also great people, incredibly friendly and patient and always going the extra step to make your experience and system the best it can be. I legitimately could go on and on, but I’ll end here with my recommendation: immediately stop researching and call Rick, then get your car in for the Reus Audio treatment. It is absolutely one of the best things you can do for yourself and your driving experience.

  • Richard K.

    San Diego, CA


    I just had Reus do a system in my Tesla Model 3. It is beyond excellent!--by a long shot. Don't get caught up in all the brands of the speakers and amps. Just let Reus do their thing and you will be blown away! My car stereo is now the best sounding car stereo I've ever heard. And, I already had a really really killer car stereo in my other car. Reus's just leaves that one in the dust. Their system is not just an incremental change in sound. It's a sea-change in the quality of the sound. This can not be underestimated or over-hyped. It's truly remarkable. Please do not buy a Reus audio system unless you're fully prepared to be blown away!

  • Richard O.

    Rancho Cordova, CA


    Im loving my audio system Reus Systems installed on my car about 6 months ago. The sound is AMAZING. I went with the 2nd highest option package for my car and I'm still blown away by the performance. The manager Cliff even came to my residence and installed the system in my driveway. Awesome! I'm a HUGE audiophile, and great sound is hugely important to me. Definitely recommend Reus Systems for your audio upgrade with NO hesitations.

  • Maaniyar A.

    San Jose, CA


    After doing much research on Tesla Forums and hearing how happy people were with the Reus system, I decided to give them a call. Rick Reus personally gave me over an hour of information on the phone about an inquiry. I ended up going with the 2.5 level system. The best part about the Reus system aside from its intense and clean sounding car audio system is the fact that anytime you get a new car, Reus will transfer your system to your new car and put the original one back in only for the cost of labor. That's coupled with a lifetime warranty and great customer service was the deciding factor for me. I am super happy with my system.

  • Mel B.

    Santa Ana, CA


    Updated Review Now that a Phase 1 Reus System has been installed on my new car, I am happy to post this update to my earlier review. Wow, Wow, WOW!!! I have never owned a car with a sound system like this. Not only does it add to the immense​ pleasure of driving my Tesla (as Rick said it would); but now I find myself just sitting in the garage, inside my car, enjoying the wonderful music selections on the USB flash drive that they provided. Thank you to the entire Reus Audio Systems team for an outstanding job. These guys really do a stealth​ install. You will be hard-pressed to​ find any of the modifications that they make to your vehicle, especially the full-size​ orchestra​ hidden somewhere. Previous Review 5/4/2018 This review is preliminary, based on my pre-sales dealings with owner Rick Reus and GM Cliff. I am not an audiophile​ but I do want ​luxury sound to match my luxury car, ​a 2017 Tesla Model S. It was an Inventory Car with a standard sound system that just doesn't cut it. Reus offers five levels of upgrades for my car. To his credit, Rick did not try to sell me the stage​ 5 system because--like I said--I am not an audiophile. Instead, he has configured a stage 1 system that will be installed next week. I've heard the sound in a demo car, Rick's personal Mercedes-Benz, and it blows away even the Tesla Premium Audio package. Reus Audio Systems is located in a non-descript​ part of Orange. The garage is nothing fancy. But from the high-end​ cars being​ worked on, it is obvious that this business can be trusted. A quick look around and one sees that all cars are carefully covered with plastic and the techs are giving them TLC. I am looking forward to having my​ car receive the Reus treatment.

  • Greg C

    Spring, TX


    "The Reus system installed in my 2007 BMW 750i is incredible. The system really brings out a richer, fuller bass along with very distinct highs and amazing clarity throughout."

  • Kenneth H.

    Sugarland, TX


    "I am overwhelmed by the improved quality of my new Reus system. I have an SL550 and I did not think the stereo could get any better. I am also thoroughly impressed by the clean installation."

  • Cory S.

    Moreno Valley, CA


    Install a Reus Audio System in your BMW. Nothing comes close to what they can do with your bimmer. I have one in mine new 325i bmw and it sounds amazing. Check them out. You will not be disappointed.

  • Adam G.

    Orange, CA


    I feel inspired to share my experience with Reus Systems. I bought a used Tesla Model S 70D in February (2018) and absolutely love the car, possibly more than I have any other car in 30+ years of driving. However!... For a car that originally sold for $92,000, the stereo system COMPLETELY lacks any bass or fullness whatsoever! I was actually quite shocked at how underwhelming the stereo system was. I used to put way too much money into my stereo systems and listened to a lot of obnoxious bassy music in my earlier days throughout the 90s. In the last 10 years or so, I've started listening to a lot more talk radio and when I listen to music, it was certainly less bassy because I haven't had a stereo that sounded all that great. I actually never thought about why the music I would listen to while driving had changed until upgraded my Tesla stereo about 2 months ago. When I first got the car and noticed that the stereo was lacking, I started to look around for upgrade options. Obviously, you can't switch out the stereo itself since it's integrated into the Tesla's computer, so I looked around for speaker upgrade options. From checking the Tesla forums, I noticed that they were 2 manufactures of drop-in equipment, Light Harmonix and NVX. Both of these appeared to make products that you buy, have shipped to you and install. The other name that I saw a pop-up was Reus. However, there wasn't much information on a specific product that they install, but more so information on how they upgrade your stereo by adding their sub woofer with an enclosure, replacing some of the stock speakers, possibly adding others, etc. I also decided to look on and check to see if there was any shops around my area, Orange County, CA, that have done multiple Tesla upgrades. As luck would have it, I came across Reus again and found out that they are only a few minutes from my office in Orange, CA. The reviews were definitely good on yelp, but there were only a few. So I drove over to their office to talk options and met Cliff, the shop manager. After finding out more about what they offered and looking at all of the reviews on the Tesla forums, I decided that I wanted to go with their package over the other manufacturers that made a prefab option, partially because I have no idea how to install the equipment. I dropped off the car, told them what I wanted and picked up the car a few hours later and Oh My God! I was absolutely 1000% shocked by the amount of bass their single 10" sub produced! Yes, the general sound of the stereo also improved no matter what type of music I was listening to, but within a day or two I found myself constantly searching for old-school hip-hop, rap and R&B, the stuff I used to listen to in my 88 CRX Si with twin 12 inch subs and two obnoxiously large amps. Since I picked up the car from them about two months ago, I have completely changed what I listen to on a daily basis when I'm in the car, for the first time in probably 10 years. I am now that 47-year-old guy with the big gray beard thumping all sorts of EDM music way louder than I should be. I did listen to a friends tesla that was upgraded with the NVX subwoofer and it sounded good, just not as good as good as my car, in my opinion. I also have 2 friends that both have a Model S and both were floored how much better my car sounds than theirs. For as much as these cars are sold for, they really should have a much better stereo system. However, they don't. I am super happy with what Reus did to my car and yes, I would recommend it to any Tesla owner.

  • Serafin B.

    Diamond Bar, CA


    These guys are legit! I upgraded the premium audio of my Tesla Model S to the Reus System. All I can say is WOW! I cannot put into words how much better my audio system sounds. It is a significant improvement. Granted, it will cost you an arm and a leg to get this installed, but not once did I regret spending that money. If you want the best audio, I recommend you go here. Compared to my buddy's self-installed Light Harmonics system, Reus Audio System is significantly better and cleaner sounding. And the bass... WOW!!! As mentioned, it will cost you, but it's worth every penny. Also, a shout out to both Rick and Cliff. They were very accommodating while I waited for my system to get installed. They even gave me a cubicle to work in while I waited.

  • Ram R.

    Irvine, CA


    If you want a quality sound system, Reus Systems is the place! Before I heard a Reus system I was only into a bass-pumping systems. After I sat in one of their demo cars, the sound clarity was incredible. Talk to Cliff or Rick and they will totally hook you up!

  • Mike E.

    Perth Amboy, NJ


    We all know it, the Bose blows. After getting the SL, I was very dissapointed in the sound system, especially considering I could buy a car for less than half the price and get a much better sound quality. The stock SL system has no highs, and no lows. It had to go! The problem was, I didn't want to change the look of the SL and I didn;t want to loose trunk space - there isn't that much of it to start with. I heard of Reus and decided to find our more. Just search on this board and you will see lots of good feedback. The system for the SL takes up very little space - in fact you probably won't even notice it. They add amps for power, a subwoofer and upgrade other speakers, including some tweeters. You won't see any difference form inside the cockpit. You loose very little trunk space - the floor comes up a bit, maybe 1 - 2in.) The sound quality is unbelievable. This is definately the best sound system I have ever owned, and I have spent thousands on sound systems before this one. The system cleans up the mid-range (it wasn't too bad with the Bose to start) and adds highs and lows. The subwoofer is great with detailed base that digs very low, but is not boomy. Sound stage is excellent and mid-range clarity are right up there. The service from Rick, Cliff and the guys was first class. They'll come to you for the install - you might have to chip in on their airfare. It's worth it. Install takes about 3 hours or so. They are very careful and provide a very clean instal. If your thinking of upgrading your SL audio system, you really need to look in to Reus.

  • Scott D.

    Houston, TX


    "Reus Systems installed a precision engineered audio system in my 2007 BMW 335i. Everyone that hears it is blown away with the clarity, balance and overall sound. Reus Audio's skill in acoustical engineering has made me a believer."

  • Viet N.

    Pomona, CA


    Reus Systems installed a Stage 2 audio system in my 2013 Tesla Model S which involved installing some speakers, subwoofer, and amp. The difference between the standard system I had and what Reus did is night and day. The system reaches higher notes than before. My original system did not have a subwoofer and Reus put a 10" subwoofer in the car that really improved the low frequency response. They take great care on the installation and their attention to detail is second to none. Most people would not be able to tell that an aftermarket system was installed. Bottom line is if you want want high quality sound and want to keep your car looking stock, these guys can be trusted to do it right.

  • Alina I.

    Portland, OR


    The sound quality is insanely good! They are the real deal. They are super nice guys too. They will take you step by step through everything and make you feel like you're part of the family.

  • J M.

    Glendale, CA


    I had a system installed in my Tesla Model S about 4+ years ago, and have loved the pristine audio experience that rivals even the finest home audio systems. I am writing this now because after all these years, I began having issues with my subwoofer. I called in and got some troubleshooting advice from Cliff, but it turns out my amp had gone bad. However, rather than try to sell me a new one, Cliff just told me to come by the shop to have my bad amp swapped out at my convenience! These guys love their craft, and stand by their product, even years after the original installation. I recommend them highly!


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Word on the Street

  • “A Reus Audio System is developed for specific cars and tailored to each owner. The result is stunning car audio......”

    Brian Moody

    Edmunds Magazine

    Road Test Editor
  • "The sound is the closest thing you can come to an iPod directly wired to your brain…"

    Stan Sinberg

    The Official Ferrari Magazine

    Guarding the Legacy of the King of Pop
  • "We can tell you with confidence that a Reus system truly does sound great: the music becomes more crisp, the vocals feel "live", as if the artist is performing alongside you in the passenger seat… even hip hop sounds different, not completely drowned out by bass. We could go on and on… but you still wouldn't be able to relate to our experience"

    Justin Pagtalunan & Jonathan Wong

    Driving Line Magazine

  • "Reus Audio integrates their custom-enhanced sound system into the car seamlessly. The system design is ingenious…"

    Jason Victor Serinus

    Stereophile Magazine

    Writer / Reviewer
  • "Sound so real, it sounds like a live performance…"

    Richard Beers

    T.H.E. Show Newport

  • "Reus Audio engineers OEM fit and finish, custom audio systems that are vehicle specific. I couldn't tell they had done anything to the Ferrari I was checking out… until they turned on their system."

    Nicho Mageras




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