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Who We Are

Production Division

Develops and installs virtually plug and play OEM spec systems available at select car dealerships or through retail referrals.

The production division conceives, develops and distributes audio products to car dealers and retail clients. It has the resources of the OEM division in product development but does not have to deal with cost constraints imposed by the car companies. The result is a "no compromise" system design that is virtually OEM in appear­ance. Reus Systems has installed thousands of these systems since its inception. Systems ranging from "entry level" to "state of the art" are offered regardless of year for many models of:

Aston Martin - Audi - Alpha Romeo - Bentley - BMW­ - Chevrolet - Chrysler - Dodge - Ferrari - Ford - Hyundai - Infiniti - Jaguar - Lamborghini - Lexus - McLaren - Nissan - Mercedes-Benz - Porsche - Range Rover - Rollls-Royce - Tesla - Toyota - All Trucks and SUVs. 

Classic Division

System designs for classic vehicles where the vehicle is not changed or devalued yet the audio system performance is unrivaled.

Reus Systems has engineered the most modern and sophisticated audio systems ever designed for vintage vehicles. Their hallmark is stunning sound utilizing all of the current technology while keeping the vehicle looking period correct…   thus keeping its value. For those vintage vehicles that have been customized, system cosmetics will be tailored to its style. 

Custom Division

Engineers "one-off" designs where a personalized statement system is required.

The Reus Custom Division benefits from some of the most creative minds in car audio engineering and design. Special projects where ex­clusivity is the goal... reside in its domain. The only limitation is where legal or practical boundaries are exceeded. Designs and installations are very diverse and are incorporated in vehicles from your

daily drivers to business SUVs to custom restomod vehicles.

OEM Division

Engineers systems directly for automotive manufacturers.

Employing the most current technology, the OEM division develops systems for major automotive manufactures. Products, such as the Jeep and Ram Truck audio systems, designed for Chrysler benefited from years of audio innovation from the Reus designed systems for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Computer aided designs using CATIA help in developing concepts for future platforms. 

R&D Facility

Encompasses conceptual development, tooling, model crafting and rapid prototyping

Exciting audio developments coming soon...

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